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I created this site to support teachers.

The longer I taught, learned, and mentored new teachers the more I became an advocate for them.   A teacher's job is very demanding and they are VERY important to students and to society.  If you are a teacher, you make a difference every day that you teach.  

My goal is to share with you what I learned from 27 years of teaching. I designed my lesson plans, blog, book and forum to be useful and practical for you. The picture below is the cover of the first book that I've written to help teachers and I'm excited to share it with you. 

I have 2 more books coming soon! One will be a practical guide to how to get your students motivated for your lessons.The other book will be how to teach the brain training that I learned in my Master's program and that really helped my students.

​This site has links to my book, to my TPT website, a free b
log and free Q & A-Forum section. There is no membership fee.  I will continue to add blog posts and answer questions in the Q & A section on a regular basis.

I am a teacher advocate and my goal is to help support new and experience
d teachers in as many ways as possible.  


    Wait, Don't Quit!

This is a collection of short stories from the classroom designed with a primary "take away" message at the end of each chapter.

I wrote this book with busy teachers in mind so that even if you only have 10 minutes to read, you'll find value.

I love seeing students having fun and learning at the same time.

The first picture below is of a student team doing the hands-on portion of their final chemistry project. The second picture is from a field trip to Santa Cruz Island with students in AP Environmental Science. 

Santa Cruz Island.png

My students having a total blast teaching the hands-on portion of their chemistry final project lesson. They were teaching the chemistry of bath bombs and each student in their lesson got to take one home. 

This is me with my students on Santa Cruz Island off the California coast.  LOVE getting students out of the city and into an outdoor classroom!

Lesson Plans


I enjoy writing and sharing science lesson plans. You can find my lesson plans on the link below on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.




 I have an A.S. in Animal Science, a B.A. in Biological Sciences, and an M.S. in Psychology with an emphasis on the brain and the learning process. 


I taught science in low-income, diverse public schools throughout my twenty-seven-year public school teaching career. I was a master teacher and mentor and later served as adjunct faculty for Fresno Pacific University. There, I taught many aspiring science teachers. 

I continue to study the learning process and write and share curriculum with teachers. 


My Books


Yay!  I have written my first book to  help new teachers and share what I've learned from my classroom experiences.

I know that teachers are very busy and often tired so I wrote the book with this in mind. This means the chapters had to be short, useful, practical and written in a conversational style (not like a textbook), 

There is a "take-away" at the end of each chapter so that if you only have time to read for 10 minutes, you'll still gain some useful information or perspective. 


 I am excited to have this book in print on Amazon in paperback and in a kindle version so that teachers have a choice of format.

I will be adding more books soon!



I am here to help support teachers in any way that I can.  I created this website to offer helpful articles, videos and links to my lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you want to know more about me, click the About tab at the top of this page. 


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