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"A" Student, Grade Drops to a "C"

Nancy Dibble M.S. Psychology & Learning Theory, Walden University (2009)

Quora Question: Teachers, would you be proud of your A-Level students that received a C?

That depends on why the A student got the C. There are many things that could have caused the grade to drop. For example:

1-The student could have been sick and missed a lot of teaching days.

2-There could have been family/personal issues that the student is dealing with.

3-The student could have had to take care of siblings and had trouble getting assignments done.

4-The student could be sleeping/drifting off in class because they are working a late night shift.

However, after teaching public school for almost 30 years, I have observed that my A students typically stay A students. These students are aware of the amount of time and energy it takes to earn A grades. They typically pay more attention in class, do their assignments, study for tests and ask for help when they need it.

If an A student’s grade drops to a C, I meet with the student and see if there is anything I can do to help. There is usually something going on that is causing them to have trouble focusing on school.

The time I have not been proud of a capable student is when they have no other apparent reason to earn the C other than they aren’t motivated. If the curriculum is good, the school program is good and everything is o.k. at home, then that student needs to start working. A “free” education is a privilege that should not be taken for granted.

If you would like to read a true, short story about this exact situation, read the chapter in my book, “Wait, Don’t Quit,” called the Wakeboard Ditcher.

Final Thought: If an A student's grade drops to a C, this is a red flag for the teacher to meet with the student and see what support they need.

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