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Amazing, Innovative Teachers

Question: What are some innovative teaching methods used by award-winning teachers?

Award-winning and all other highly effective teachers that are fantastic and have not been officially recognized use similar teaching methods and have similar characteristics.


  1. Passionate about education and their subject area

  2. Creative and willing to try new strategies

  3. Care a lot about their students and tend to give tutorials outside of class time

  4. Either get students out on field study trips and/or bring in guest speakers

  5. Have a positive, productive and proactive attitude

  6. Make learning enjoyable and relevant

  7. Are willing and interested in collaborating with other teachers

  8. Have effective classroom management skills

  9. Recognize that mistakes are learning opportunities

  10. Do not expect to be perfect

Here are some of the methods they use:

  1. Socratic Seminars (structured-not too loose)

  2. Debates

  3. Small-Group Discussions

  4. Role-plays

  5. Direct Instruction-short, interactive, with Q & A available at the end

  6. Relate curriculum to real-life as often as possible

  7. Case-based instruction

  8. Project based instruction

  9. Develop and use games as a way to learn

  10. Teach students how to study effectively

  11. Use partner shares frequently

  12. Give short quizzes often

  13. Allow students to retake exams and use this as a learning experience (must have an alternate version of the test for that purpose)

  14. Utilize peer-tutoring and teach their students how to be peer tutors

Final Thought: Innovative teachers are creative, positive, proactive teachers and enjoy the job.

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