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Do Teachers Remember Their Students?

Quora Question: How long do teachers usually remember their students after they leave school?

Some students we remember forever because they made such an impression on us. I have multiple students that I will never forget because of that.

I have wonderful memories of students that were amazing because of their attitude and grit while they worked through incredible adversity to succeed. Those students were and are an inspiration to others, including to me. I still think about them now when I’m having a tough day. They would persevere and carry on.

I also have memories of some students that were dangerous in the classroom (I taught middle school and high school in some pretty rough neighborhoods). I remember what I learned from encounters with them. They had so much trauma in their young lives that they needed more mental health support and therapy than what a teacher can offer while also trying to teach so they had to be removed.

The classroom is an amazing place for teachers to learn about humanity, caring deeply for others and how to positively and proactively manage a room full of interesting personalities.

Final Thought: Some students teachers will always remember.

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