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Help! My Students Won't Study...

What advice should I give for students who don't like to study?

Short answer: Make studying fun!

Here are some of the strategies that I used to help my students learn to enjoy studying:

  1. Teach your students in class how to make a game of studying. Then they will be much more likely to do this outside of class.

    1. One concrete example: I created and printed out a list of practice test questions. Then had students tape or glue the test questions on one side of an index card with the answer on the other side. Students put the pile of test cards in the middle of their tables face down, roll a die, pick a card and ask the question aloud. The person to their left has the first try at answering. If that person gets the answer correct, then they earn the number of points on the die. If they get it wrong, the person that asked the question slides the card, answer side down to that person to their left, the question is repeated aloud, the die is rolled again, and now the question is worth the points of both die rolls combined. This play continues until someone gets the answer correct. Students love this game and it makes studying fun.

    2. Play KaHoot online as a fun way to study. Students do this first during class but can practice with friends at home as well.

  2. Partner Quiz-Students enjoy studying when they have a friend to study with. Show them how to do this in class. Example: Students make a list of questions on one side of a piece of paper with the answers next to each question. They cover the answers by folding the paper over the answers and take turns quizzing each other.

  3. Ask your students to form study groups where they prepare at home, determine which things they don’t understand, and then meet at some coffee shop to share/discuss together.

  4. Encourage them to go to tutorials that teachers offer. This helps them feel encouraged.

  5. Create a Google Slide study guide with practice questions on one slide with the answer either on an action button or on the next slide so students can work at home independently. Some students prefer to study this way.

Final Thought: Studying can be FUN! It does not have to be tedious.

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