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Is it o.k. to Lose Your Temper in Class?

Question: What is your experience with teachers who never lose their temper? Do you find them more or less effective than other teachers?

A teacher that never loses their temper is probably proactive with their behavior management plan and a more effective teacher than one that loses their temper.

A teacher might feel angry in the classroom at times but this is different than losing their temper. It is o.k. and normal to feel angry. Losing your temper is losing control and that is not o.k.

To prevent losing your temper be proactive by addressing rising anger before it gets out of control. Have a solid behavior management plan in place and work the plan. Have activity-based, interesting, engaging lessons and then moments of rising anger will be minimized because students overall will be better behaved.

Even if a teacher has all of these factors in place there will still be moments in time when they feel angry because they were disrespected by a student or there was a frustrating situation. Don’t wait until the anger is out of control. Act immediately to address the situation. For example: students are talking too loudly and not working in class. Stop the class as soon as the noise level is already starting to be too much and work the behavior/classroom management plan. Don’t wait until the noise level is so loud that the risk of losing your temper is more likely.

Final thought: Effective teachers address behavior issues before they get out of hand. Where did they learn this? From experience. They probably lost their temper, regretted it, and decided to act earlier next time.

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