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Is Teaching Hard? Honest Answer.

Quora Question: How Hard is Teaching?

Teaching is hard because you have to be “on” every day. You are the conductor of the orchestra and you have to stay mentally focused all day. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad job. I love teaching. However, it is very challenging to do well and can be exhausting at times. The very beginning of a new school year and the very end of the school year are especially demanding.

You can’t be late because the students are waiting for you so you have to make sure you build in error time on your way to work.

Lesson planning takes a lot of time and your prep period at work is not enough. It is more likely that a teacher will take their work home with them and be working on their lesson plans before they go to bed at night.

Teachers are often asked to do many things at work beyond their teaching. This is another reason that teaching can be difficult. There are duties requested like yard duty, parking lot duty, extra meetings before school or after school, evening events where teachers are asked to go and administration often makes other on-site requests of a teacher’s time. If teachers were asked to do fewer things beyond their primary job of teaching, that would make the job a little bit less difficult.

Another aspect of the job that can be rewarding, but also can be very challenging is behavior management with more difficult students. This can take a lot of time and if the student has a particularly difficult home life, it can be an emotional drain on the teacher. Teachers care about their students and sometimes they don’t want to see them go home to a bad environment. Unfortunately, that is largely out of their control.

Final Thought: Teaching is a hard job. However, it is rewarding, engaging, and definitely purposeful. If you want a career that has tremendous impact, meaning and purpose then teaching will certainly do that.

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